Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

Our school clubs and activities are organised with reference to students' interest. Teachers-in-charge of clubs and activities are experienced in organising visits, interviews, field trips, seminars and talks which serve as an extension of students' learning in cultures and science. Furthermore, our school encourages students to actively involve themselves in community service and other voluntary activities. Through these engagements, students' leadership skills can be nurtured. Meanwhile, they could also learn the importance of understanding, engaging in and serving our community. All in all, we firmly believe that our students could better exercise control over their emotions, build their own lens to view things through, unleash their potential and lead a well-balanced life by joining a wide variety of extra-curricular activities according to their interests.

Art Club

Home Economics Club

Music Club

Design & Technology Club

Fun Science Club

Photography Club

Japanese Club

Korean Club

Magic Club

Chinese Drama Club

Chinese Debate Team

Dance Team

English Drama Club

English Debating Team

Gradening Club

Taekwondo Training Class

STEM Club 

DIY Club

English Ambassador Team

iPad Electronic Music Creation Club

Remote Control Car Club

Balloon Twisting Society

Wing Chun Class

Juggling Club

Civic Education Student


Career Student


Programming Club

Board Game Club

Handball Team (Boys)

Fencing Club

Badminton Team

Table Tennis Team

Volleyball Team (Girls)

Athletic Team

Basketball Team (Boys)

Basketball Team (Girls)

Football Team

Rope Skipping Team


Swimming Team

Community Youth Club

Junior Police Call


St. John Ambulance Brigade

Flag Guards