Gifted Education

Our school puts much emphasis on Gifted Education. In order to fully explore and develop the potential of gifted students, we provide them with opportunities to join a wide range of learning activities, such as enrichment programmes of different subjects, independent project learning, vertical curriculum and inter-school competitions.


In the current academic year, we nominated 46 elite students to participate in the Gifted Programme conducted by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education in which 22 students were selected to move on to the second stage of the program. This gifted programme has an enriching and diversified curriculum. Through inter-school activities, it allows gifted students to learn systematically and strategically with challenges, with a view to broadening students’ horizons and unearthing their full potential.


NESTA Writing Competition Winner

Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition -

Champion and best debater

Students Were Selected to Join the Gifted Education Programme


Students Preparing for YPEC

Award of Merit in a Competition about Heritage and Culture