School History

Entrepreneur Mr Liu Po Shan established a private school named Chong Hing College in 1956. It was initially situated at Whitty Street, Western District, and later moved to the campus on Hill Road. In 1976, the school was renamed Liu Po Shan Memorial College in memory of its founder by Mr Liu Lit Man and his brothers, who are the sons of Mr Liu Po Shan. In 1980, the descendants of the Liu family established Liu Po ​​Shan Education Foundation Limited and applied to the Education Department to set up an aided secondary school. In 1984, Liu Po Shan Memorial College, a new co-educational grammar school, was established in Luk Yeung Sun Chuen.



Chong Hing College was founded in 1956 by Mr Liu Po Shan.



Chong Hing College in 1956, initially located in Western District.



A photograph of the playground of Chong Hing College in 1972.