Values Education

Through the learning and teaching of various Key Learning Areas/subjects and the provision of relevant learning experiences, we strive to foster students' positive values and attitudes, such as "Perseverance", "Respect for Others", "Responsibility", "National Identity", "Commitment", "Integrity" , "Care for Others", "Law-abidingness" , "Empathy" and "Diligence", so as to develop students' ability to identify the values embedded, analyse objectively and make reasonable judgement in different issues they may encounter at different developmental stages.



Honorary Award - Hi-Five Student Engagement Award Scheme

Hi-Five Student Engagement Award Scheme - Teacher and Students

Hong Kong Baptist Church ‘HK Peace Box’ Campaign

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National Security Education


In recent years, our school has committed to the promotion of national security education, which serves as an integral part of values education, by establishing the National Security Education Working Group. The elements of national security education have been integrated naturally into the curriculum contents of the school subjects, as well as the learning activities within and beyond the classroom, so as to enable students to enhance their understanding of the national conditions and concern for our country, and to foster the sense of national identity and positive values. In addition, our school has been actively promoting the media and information literacy education, to equip students with the ability to discern the authenticity of information on their path to become responsible and knowledgeable citizens.

Workshop on National Security Education

Flag-raising Ceremony

Activity on Commemorating Chairman Jiang Zemin

Book Fair on National Day

A Visit to Hong Kong Palace Museum  

Inter-class Poster Design Competition on Chinese Cultural Inheritance