Learning objectives:


DSE Economics curriculum aims at developing students’ basic economic knowledge and skills, and an awareness of different values, it will help them to make rational economic choices for their own lives and decisions on various social issues. 


Economics helps students to understand the principles and forces that affect people in their everyday lives. The perspective it provides is important in giving students a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues facing Hong Kong and the mainland, as well as of the interdependence among regions and countries.




Core part:

  • Basic economic concepts
  • Firms and production
  • Market and price
  • Competition and market structure
  • Efficiency, equity and the role of government
  • Measurement of economic and performance
  • National income determination and price level
  • Money and banking
  • Macroeconomic problems and policies
  • International trade and finance


Elective part: 

Elective I

  • Monopoly pricing
  • Anti-competitive behaviours and competition policy


Elective II

  • Extension of trade theory
  • Economic growth and development





In the past few years, our students participated actively in the activities and competitions organized by outside bodies. For example, the Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme, 全港中學學界廣告賣橋王大賽,etc. They also visited some factories and enterprises in the Greater Bay Area.


同學到大灣區企業參觀   同學在「廣告賣橋王」活動中獲獎
同學參加千禧企業家精神活動   在人文學科周中主持攤位遊戲