English Language

The English Department of our school aims to create a language-rich environment on campus. We strive to help students build a good foundation of English and achieve a high level of proficiency so that they can be well-informed global citizens and succeed in different professions later in life.


With the help of two Native English Teachers (NETs), we are able to expose students to different cultures and create lots of English speaking opportunities on campus. Various activities ranging from English movie appreciation to speech-giving training are organized regularly to provide students with more chances to communicate in English.




One special feature of our curriculum is the Integrated Skills of English (ISE) lessons, which are taught by our NETs. They aim to reinforce the language skills learnt in General English (GE) lessons and introduce language arts to junior form students.


Enhancing the reading abilities of students is also one of the emphases. Reading programmes, such as “Read-A-Pizza”, “EncycloReadia” and “Read-Tac-Toe” have been organized together with the library to expose students to a wide variety of reading materials.


The English Drama Club and the English Debating Team also meet regularly to help students to speak English confidently. Both teams have gained remarkable achievements throughout the years.



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